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Toward a Tobian-English Dictionary

Brief Explanation for you, the people of Tobi, of how this Dictionary came to be


Tobian Language Project:  Documenting Ramari Hatohobei, the Tobian Language

Tobian Phonology and Morphology:

A. Capell.  Grammar and Vocabulary of the Language of Sonsorol-Tobi
Reprinted in Oceania Linguistic Monographs, No. 12.  Sydney:  University of Sydney, 1969.    Note:   this material was originally prepared in 1948 and published in 1951 as CIMA (Coordinated Investigation of Micronesian Anthropology) Report No. 30. 

Esther van den Berg. Linguistic Sketch of Hatohobeian and Sonsorolese
a study of phonology and morphology, 2014.

Specialized Word Lists

Poems & Songs




Versions of the Our Father

Catholic Versions of Prayers  

Tobian is critically endangered according to UNESCO. 
UNESCO Interactive Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger

Tobian Language

Updated: September 12, 2020