Fishing Lore of Tobi. Peter W. Black 1968, 2017

Canoe Parts
Definitions and Pronounciations by Isauro Andrew
Photographs by Peter W. Black
Koror, July-August 2004

Additional pronounciations and spellings provided by Justin Andrew
Falls Church, August 2005

Bautam Pole; a brace for the outrigger. Canoe part:  bautam Audio symbol
Bir A tuna catching technique, using large voyaging canoes, Waribir.   Audio symbol
Chee A brace that goes toward the hull, underneath the outrigger. Canoe part:  chee Audio symbol
Chou Shape of bow. Canoe part:  chou Audio symbol
Fanunuh One-half of distance from Ruuh to Hau. Note: Justin spells this Fahanuh. Audio symbol
Fariyap Apple tree.   Audio symbol
Hafaryaurhiyo Long thwart. Note: Justin spells this hafayaurhiyo. Canoe part:  hafaryaurhiyo Audio symbol
Hahuhauryopacha Outrigger strut or brace—the second yopacha. Canoe part: hahuhaur yopacha Audio symbol
Haramah Paddling canoe.   Audio symbol
Hau One-half of the Ruuh. Canoe part:  hau Audio symbol
Haus Mast. Audio symbol
Hehatah Side opposite outrigger.   Audio symbol
Hetam The outrigger side. Note: Heitam is a variant of this word—it means and sounds the same. Canoe part:  hetam Audio symbol
Hih Middle part of canoe. Canoe part:  hih Audio symbol
Hinbochariyas Gunwale. Audio symbol
Hirifeten Strut holding up outrigger boom. Canoe part:  Hirifeten Audio symbol
Hiyo Main supports of outrigger. Canoe part:  hiyo Audio symbol
Hom One-half distance Hau to end.   Audio symbol
Metehefeng Brace to keep outrigger from swaying. Canoe part:  metahefeng Audio symbol
Metesie Curved side. Canoe part: metesie Audio symbol
Mowar Bow.   Audio symbol
Muihir Stern.   Audio symbol
Panangi Side of the canoe.   Audio symbol
Pauh End piece. Canoe part: pauh Audio symbol
Riepeh Adze blade with straight cutting edge.  
Ruuh The center. Canoe part:  ruuh Audio symbol
Safang Apple tree used for canoe.   Audio symbol
Senap Master canoe builder.   Audio symbol
Tahuhfa System of moistening coconut frond while building canoe.   Audio symbol
Tam Outrigger. Canoe part: tam Audio symbol
Too Is this Tour which means Thwart? Canoe part:  too Audio symbol
Waribir Canoe.   Audio symbol
Wariyeng Used to hold up mast on sailing canoes. Canoe part:  wariyeng Audio symbol
Waruhuh Sailing canoe.   Audio symbol
Woor Adze blade with curved cutting edge.   Audio symbol
Worobei Brace. Canoe part:  worobei Audio symbol
Yapiti A brace of rope that locks the two protruding parts of the outrigger down to the outrigger. Audio symbol
Yopacha Outrigger strut or brace. Canoe part: yopacha Audio symbol

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Updated: January 19, 2017