in Tobian and English. Some read in Tobian by one of the Voices of Tobi Island.  Some illustrated and printable.
Copyright 2000-2022 by Peter W. Black, Barbara W. Black, and/or FOTI.  All rights are reserved.

Amos & Berliana: The Story of Two Lovers. Paulina Theodore telling her story, May 21, 2014.
English and Tobian by Paulina Theodore. Transcription by Peter W. Black.

Fiongori Hairang ma Hayang. Isauro Andrew. August 4, 2004.
The Story of Clans and Chickens. Printable illustrated copy.

Fiangari Harawarawari Waruhunen. Thomas Patris. August 10, 2004.  
The Story of Chasing a Ship Back Over the Horizon.

Fiyongori Horofati. Isauro Andrew. February 1, 2010. 
The Story of Horofati.  Printable illustrated copy.

Yar Hamarete Tabung. Paulina Theodore, Peter W. Black. Illustrated by Jarvis Mokisang Lorenzo and Alonzo Sumor. Read by Felicia Andrew.New
Printable illustrated copy.  February 1, 2020.

Hatohobei Sasoh Ba Naweri.
Peter W. Black, translated and read by Justin Andrew.  August 21, 2019. 
Tobi Says No.  Printable illustrated copy.

Manwarchichi ma Hasso: Fiyongori ifiri mwosuwewe. Translated by Paulina Theodore, illustrated by: Jarvis Mokisang Lorenzo. October 1, 2014.
Manwarhichi and the Whale: A Story From Long Ago. The world's first Tobian coloring book.  Printable illustrated copy.
Background Information on this story from Peter W. Black: Fishing Lore of Tobi Island, 1968, 2017.

Peipeituher present iwor fasar Tamor me rani reng. Translated by Wayne Andrew. Recorded by Felicia Andrew.
Christmas from the Sky. November 2014.

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