Talk about Talk

People with asthma used to be called "weather bureau."  Isauro Andrew 2009.  
Dialogue About Words for Eating: mangau and hochoch.  Tobian spoken by Isauro Andrew and Peter Black, Koror, Summer 2006.  
Origin of a word for Micronesian marching dances.  Email discussion, May-June 2005, September 2006.  
An old word: Hosuwa. Peter Black note, 2004.  
I hihi hie.  Crispin Emilio speaking, 2004.  
Three words that sound alike.  Sebas Marino speaking, July 2004.  
Retirement?   Email discussion,  2005.  
Watch the dance?  Sebas Marino speaking, 2004.  
Bottles and corks.  Dave Sapio note, 2001.  
Updated: August 5, 2009