The Story of Clans and Chickens by Isauro Andrew and Peter W. Black

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Listen to Isauro Andrew telling this true story from 1972 in Tobian. August 4, 2004

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The Story of Clans and Chickens

Pete epang yar ramari Hatohobei.

Pete was practicing his Tobian.

Pete ehasia Santos ba fitowe hairang wori faruhee?
Pete asked Santos how many clans are on this island?

Nga Santos etohong mauh ma Pete; esohu haireng, Santos yohongohong ba hayang.
Santos didn't hear Pete well; when he said clan, he heard chicken.

Nga Santos esasohu ba epipi hayang intere.
Santos replied there are lots of chickens here.

Nga Pete etaimoh yar hasuteringa Santos; yarasohu ba Hayang, Pete esohuehoh ba hairang.
Pete didn't hear Santos well; when he said chicken, Pete heard clan.

Nga Pete esahasia Santos ba meta iteri hairangari Hatohobei?
Pete asked Santos what are the names of Tobi's clans.

Nga Santos esasohu ba etoh itere hayangaritere.
Santos replied there are no names for the chickens here.

Nga Santos esa hasia Pete ba ewo iteri hayangari Merek?
Santos asked Pete if chickens have names in America.

Nga Pete esasoh ba unga, ewee fiauhume iteri yai hairangi ra hochohoch.
Pete said yes, for example, the name of my family is Black.

Nga Santos esasoh ba, o, hayanaritere ewoh ma ehochohoch, ehangahang, ebechebech.
Santos said, oh, chickens from here are black, red, and white.

Ifiri mena Pete esa fasang Sisma; Sima, bitomo ba ewo ma etamau ifiri mere.
After this, Pete called Sisma; Sima, come here, something is screwed up with this.

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