Yar Hamarete Tabung

Hamarete Makes A Mistake

 Story and Tobian by Paulina Theodore. English by Peter W. Black

Illustrations by Jarvis Mokisang Lorenzo and Alonzo Sumor

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Hamarete iteri yarusura ehamatahutoh tamau ra emire woar sew faruh.

Hamarete is the name of a dangerous ghost who lived on an island.

Hamarete on the island

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The people of that island decided to sail to another island to get away from the ghost.

People leaving island

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A pregnant woman missed the last canoe because they had told her to go fetch some water.

Woman left behind

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No one would come back for her.

She was stuck on the island with a dangerous ghost and no way off.


Woman left with ghost


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Esa keringi pie fari hapeipei kara mara marutoh, ba ninieri yar mwor.

Han ra ek maifiri pesiri iih ra hani maar rahaha mwot wori hapeipeira iiye emir ifar.
She made a hiding place for herself by digging into the beach under some driftwood.

Her food was fish that birds dropped while sitting above her on the driftwood.


The ;mother hiding from Hamarete

Page 6



Esa hafasa samar hariweits mwar. 

Hariweitsi mwar ra, efaas nga ewoh farufor “meek” worututeri ma posur.
Finally she gave birth to a boy.

This boy was born with a tattoo on his body.


The mother with her newborn

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Hariweitsi mwana mwa mwa sin hamiretsah rani keri ra esa rapara hariweitsi mwana. The woman and her son stayed in that hole until the boy was big.


Woman and son

Page 8



Saharitsoh nga hariweitsi mwana esa buwou retet nga ehoho bau bwa ebwe sairoh. 

Ifiri ma efafatar wori maat, nga Hamarete esa hakane.
One day he went to the ocean to fish with a pole.

As he was walking on the reef, Hamarete saw him.


Hamarete sees the boy

Page 9



Yarusura esa buwou weri maat, nga ifiri mwa sa hahapangari nga sa hakane bwa mwa maker ra emoh sewa. 

Hamarete esa hasiya efeita esa fauhu makera. 

Hariweitsi mwana efisiri hura hafatitin yarusura bwa ehamatahutoh tamau esa mangie bwa ebwe katsow.
The ghost went out there and when he got close he saw that the boy had a beautiful tattoo.

Hamarete asked how he had made that tattoo.

The boy knew all about this dangerous ghost so he decided to lie.

The boy lies to Hamarete

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Esa hasiya, “Hotiperi mwe makai?"

Yarusuwe esa soh bwa “Unga.”

“Ira,” hariweitsi ra esa soh, “bwito bwa hobwe puhuyei bwa ibwe makeho."

Hasa wosurong weri faruh, itona hariweitsi mwana esa hatouiye fafie
"Do you like my tattoo?” He asked.

“Yes, I do,” said the ghost.

“OK, come with me,” said the boy, “and I will put a tattoo on you.”

So together they went to the island, where the boy gathered some firewood.


Hamarete and the boy talk

Page 11


Eharapa sewa fafie ra ehatouiyeri esa itewau patuu ra yar ra erap sewa.

Esa soh, “Hamarete, sibwe fauhu bwa ebwe motsotsoh mwa ruhum bwa ebwe maek, hosa haharong rani patuu ye.”

Hamarete emwouri mire rani patuu ra nga esa iteiterong tsaar iran esa boruboruh.

Esa iteiteta faas mwa fafie iwor bwa yarusura etawaitsuh mwa ebwe hahawau.

Esa hatohotoh yaaf ifar patuu ra.

Esa bwara iteiteta hapeipei wori yafira esa betsingar patuu ra.

Hariweitsi mwana esa fasongu: "Hamarete, Hamarete, homouru (kawawa) bets?"

He collected a lot of firewood and got out his big pot.

He said “Hamarete we have to make your skin soft for the tattoo so get into the pot.” 

And then he added water and covered the pot with Hamarete inside.

He put stones and firewood on the lid so that the ghost could not come out.

He started a fire under the pot.

He added more and more driftwood until the pot was very hot.

The boy called out:  Hamarete, Hamarete, have you started to boil?


The boy builds the fire

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Yarusu we esa soh mwa rani patuu we: “Nawer, itotu bets.”

Riweitsi mwar we esabara iteitengar fafie yafiwe bwa ebwe betsingeri.

Esa bara fasongu: “Hamarete, Hamarete, homour (kawawa) betsingeri?”

Hamarete esasoh, “itotu bets (kawawa).”

The ghost answered from inside the pot:  “No I am not boiling yet.”

So the boy put more wood on the fire to make it hotter.

Again he called out: “Hamarete, Hamarete, are you already boiling?”

“Still not yet,” answered Hamarete.


Hamarete is still not boiling

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Sabara harapa fafie wori yafi we nga esa betsingeri.

Hasoruweri hasie: “Hamarete, Hamarete, homouri (kawawa?)”

Meihara nga tai titiro (paruhar).  Esabwar fasongu. “Hamarete, Hamarete, homouri Kawawa?” 
More wood went on the fire.  Now it was really hot.

For a third time the question was asked:  “Hamarete, Hamarete, have you begun to boil?”

This time there was no answer.  So he called again:  “Hamarete, Hamarete, have you started to boil?”


Hamarete makes no answer

Page 14



Toh eparuhar. 

Esa mouri hura bwa Hamarete emouri mes, esa itewau mwa rani patuu we esa peitaroh.
Still no answer.

Because he knew Hamarete must be dead he took him out of the pot and threw him away.


Boy throws Hamarete out of the pot

Page 15


Meihara ra taiwoh yarus hamatahutoh tamau wori faruhara, neirar emouri tsuh mwa ebwe hahawau mwa rani kerira esa fatar fatar. Now that there wasn’t a dangerous ghost on the island, his mother could come out of that hole and walk around.


His mother came out of the hole

Page 16



Sahar nga pahur yahamatakawe ha haitang faruhawe ha buow faatuur hasa hakane hariweitsi mwar awe efafatar weripie.

Hamangie bwa yarusuwe hasa hatawahatsah. 

Ngara taiye yarus, iiye mwa mwa sin hasa mir wori faruhara sa moh mireh.
One day some of the people who had run away from the island were out paddling and saw the boy walking on the beach. 

They thought he was the ghost and stayed away.

But he wasn’t a ghost and he and his mother lived happily by themselves on the island.


Boy and mother live happily

Page 17

Moribong. The end.