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How to Build a Tobi canoe: In 1968, as a Peace Corps Volunteer, Peter Black wrote this description. It was told to him by Patricio.  

Isauro Andrew provided names and pronounciations of Tobi canoe parts in July-August 2004 in Koror and Peter Black photographed most of them.

For more on Tobi canoes, take a look at The Fishing Lore of Tobi Island by Peter W. Black based on information given him by Nemesio Hatokuchi Mohoriparimaso, Matias Kuro Chorngeheng, Esobio Chiheihi, Santos Horisan Manifaramau, Patricio Mohorihotimoh, and Felix Hangeyaro Andrew, on Tobi Island in 1968.

Sailing canoes off Tobi in 1973 (photographs by Peter Black):

Sailing Canoes Sailing Canoe Sailing Canoe Sailing Canoe Sailing Canoe


A photograph of a coffin made of an old canoe.   Coffin 
Photograph by Peter W. Black, 1973.


For a look at line drawings and close descriptions of a Tobian outrigger canoe, take a look at the section on Tobi in Haddon & Hornell's Canoes of Oceania.  

Peter Black photographed the Tobi canoe in the Hamburg Museum fur Volkerkunde mentioned in Haddon & Hornell.

Here is the model canoe made by Eduardo for Peter Black in 1968.  Model Canoe

Ferehuheh Diangel at Hatohobei. A Canoe House in Tobi. Historic Preservation Office, Division of Cultural Affairs.

Joe Carnwath sent us a series of photographs of his canoe being built for him on Sonsorol.  And guess where it ended up? 

Here's a woodcut of a canoe from Horace Holden's book. 

Eilers shows two model boats from Tobi, the one at the top of this page, and then this one:

Model Canoe  

She also gives a sketch by E. Kramer of an outrigger and knots, a sketch by A. Kramer of a Tobian sail, and of a paddle of breadfruit wood.

Photograph of a Tobi Island canoe on Angaur, 1947.Tobi Island Canoe

From Cecilia Hendricks Wahl's Number One Pacific Island
(Bloomington, Indiana: Woodcrest Publishing, 2000), p. 179

Micronesian sailing canoes—Satawal, Ponape, Truk, Yap, Palau, and Tobi? Take a look at Marvin Montvel-Cohen,
Canoes in Micronesia. Micronesian Working Papers, Number two.  Guam: University of Guam, Gallery of Art, 1970.

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