Ifiri Merik:  Neivi

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Thoughts on Ifiri Merik by Peter Black

The surrender of the Japanese garrison on Tobi, October 6, 1945.  Taken from Richard, United States Naval Administration of the TTPI, Vol. II, pp. 6-7, 18.

US Navy aerial photograph of Tobi Island.  Tobi Island Aerial Photograph of Tobi Island

Immediately following World War II, several Tobian men lived on Angaur, providing fish for the men working in the newly-reopened phosphate mine. Cecilia Hendricks Wahl's book about her life with her husband Henry, the Naval Administrator of Angaur, offers a fascinating glimpse of life on Angaur in those days from the American point of view. Number One Pacific Island was published posthumously by her husband in 2000 (Woodcrest Publishing, Bloomington, Indiana). The book includes a photograph of Henry with a Tobian monkeyman in the background as well as a photograph of a Tobi Island canoe.

Two men from Tobi with monkeymen photographed in Angaur during Navy times. 
Two Men From Tobi
Copied from the TT Archives in 1993 by Peter Black.


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