The surrender of the Japanese Garrison on Tobi
October 6, 1945

Taken from Richard, United States Naval Administration of the
Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, Vol. II, pp. 6-7, 18.

Commander Marianas Area (ComMarianas) was charged with the occupation of the Mariana and Central and Western Caroline Islands and Commander Marshalls-Gilberts Area (ComMarGils) with the bypassed Marshall and Eastern Caroline Islands. These commanders or their representatives accepted the unconditional surrender of the garrisoned islands for the Commander in Chief Pacific and Pacific Ocean Areas (CinCPac/CinCPOA) on the following dates:

August 22 Mille, Marshall Islands
September 2 Rota and Pagan, Mariana Islands
September 2 Truk, Central Caroline Islands
September 2 Palau Islands and Yap, Western Caroline Islands
September 4 Aguijan, Mariana Islands
September 5 Jaluit, Marshall Islands
September 6 Wotje and Maloelap, Marshall Islands
September 8 Kusaie, Eastern Caroline Islands
September 11 Ponape, Eastern Caroline Islands
September 16 Lamotrek, Western Caroline Islands
*September 17 Namoluk, Central Caroline Islands
September 19 Woleai, Western Caroline Islands
October 6 Tobi, Sonsorol and Merir, Western Caroline Islands
*October 16 Puluwat, Central Caroline Islands
*October 21 Nomoi, Central Caroline Islands

*Approximate date.

The following surrender document was signed by each Japanese senior officer in relinquishing his command and accepted by the United States officer receiving the surrender for CinCPOA:

1. We, acting by command of and in behalf of the Emperor of Japan, the Japanese Government and the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters, hereby accept the provisions of the declaration issued by the heads of the governments of the United States of .America, China and Great Britain, 26 July 1945 at Potsdam, and subsequently adhered to by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, which four Powers are hereinafter referred to as the Allied Powers.

2. We hereby proclaim the unconditional surrender to the representatives of the Government of the United States of all Japanese Armed Forces and all Armed Forces under Japanese control wherever situated under our command.

3. We hereby order all Japanese forces wherever situated under our command and the Japanese nationals within our area of command to cease hostilities forthwith, to preserve and save from damage all ships, aircraft, and military and civil property and to comply with all requirements which may be imposed by the Commander in Chief, U. S. Pacific Fleet or by agencies of the Japanese Government at his discretion.

4. We hereby order all commanders of units under our command to issue orders at once to their respective forces wherever situated to surrender unconditionally themselves and all forces under their control.

5. We hereby command all civil, military and naval authorities to obey and enforce all proclamations, orders and directives deemed proper by the commander m Chief, U. S. Pacific Fleet to effect this surrender and issued by him or under his authority and we direct all such officials to remain at their posts and to perform their non-combatant duties unless specifically relieved by him or under his authority.

6. We hereby undertake for the Emperor, the Japanese Government and their successors and the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters to carry out the provisions of the Potsdam Declaration in good faith, and to issue whatever orders and take whatever action may be required by the Commander in Chief, U. S. Pacific Fleet or by any other designated Representative of the Allied Powers for the purpose of putting said declaration into effect.

7. We hereby order all forces under our command to set free at once all Allied Prisoners of War and civilian internees now under Japanese control and to provide for their protection, care, maintenance and immediate transportation to places as directed.

8. The authority of the Emperor and the Japanese Government to rule the state shall be subject to the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, who will take such steps as he deems proper to carry out these terms of surrender.

9. The official version of this document shall be in English.

[Richard, Vol II, pp. 6-7]

Three small islands in the southern Palaus, Tobi, Sonsorol and Merir, were surrendered to Island Commander Peleliu aboard the USS CARROLL (DE 171) on October 6. The 1339 Japanese Army troops stationed on the islands (Tobi, 439; Sonsorol, 639; Merir, 261) first learned of the surrender when the search parties went ashore. All were removed from the islands on October 21 and 29 by the Japanese cruiser SAKAWA. The 20 natives on Merir were moved to Sonsorol to join the 165 natives on that island. The native population of 123 on Tobi was undisturbed.  \Note24

Note 24: Surrender and Occupation of Japan, p. 177.

[Richard, Vol. II, p. 18.]