Friends of Tobi Island—what is it?

Friends of Tobi Island has grown and developed from a group of people who share an interest in and commitment to the island of Tobi (Hatohobei) and its people.

Friends of Tobi Island is a Hawaii non-profit corporation, whose purposes are to collaborate with the people of Tobi to develop resources, enhance communication, and promote community-building initiatives.  A particular emphasis is on documenting Ramari Hatohobei, a threatened language, and development of a program for cultural repatriation of the entire range of Tobian cultural heritage.  Supporting and maintaining the Friends of Tobi Island website and email list is a primary focus.

The FOTI Advisory Board is a forum where the Tobian community can discuss ways that FOTI and the FOTI website can support the community and to imagine and discuss possible futures.  

FOTI’s email list and website are managed by Peter & Barbara Black.  Peter is an anthropologist who has been involved with the Tobian community since 1967 when he served on the island as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  Barbara collaborates with Peter on documenting Ramari Hatohobei and manages technical aspects of FOTI’s content and design.

For Friend contact information or to become a Friend, please email us.

Any suggestions for the FOTI website?  We welcome them. 
Please email the Webmaster.

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Updated: January 9, 2013