FOTI Advisory Board

The FOTI Advisory Board was created in the summer of 2004 to provide a forum for the Tobian community to discuss ways that FOTI and the FOTI website can support the community and to imagine and discuss possible futures.

Members are: Wayne Andrew, Crispin Emilio, Marcus Hangaripaii, Sebastian Marino, Thomas Patris, Rosania Victor.

The Board will address ongoing issues and ways that FOTI can collaborate with the community to expand its base of information, develop resources, and develop communication and community-building initiatives.

The Board held its first meeting at Carp Restaurant in Koror on August 10, 2004. In attendance were: Sebastian Marino, Peter Black, Rosania Victor, Thomas Patris, Mary Patris, Crispin Emilio, Wayne Andrew, and Marcus Hangaripaii.

FOTI Advisory Board

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