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bahuh Isauro to dance Isauro Andrew 2006 Maorakawe hebahuh bong. The men danced all night.
birong Isauro [to] go inwards Isauro Andrew 2004 birong makurong: go in toward over there—in the house and your knife is in the taro field.
bour Isauro smell, odor Isauro Andrew 2006 Etamau bour fitihoe. The meat has a bad smell.
buhou   to go outwards Isauro Andrew 2004 buhou makuwou: go out toward over there—in the taro field, your house is between you and the beach.
buuh Isauro to fight Isauro Andrew 2009  
chinger Isauro to sing Isauro Andrew 2006 Feifirakarae hechinger bong. The women sang all night.
ebebito Isauro to come   Ebebito ifiri pari. He will come to the party.
ebeng Isauro to finish Isauro Andrew 2006 Simour hebengi fitehie. We have finished this work.
ebito Isauro to arrive Isauro Andrew 2006 Hobito nga emouchuh. He left when you arrived.
engangas Isauro to breathe hard Isauro Andrew 2006 Engangas sewa. He is breathing hard.
esoh Isauro to say Isauro Andrew 2006 Tamam esoh ba hotowei bahuh. Your father said, "don't dance!" Itohongohong ma hosoh. I cannot hear what you say.
Isoh ba etwasi chapachapari hubei. I said my feet hurt.
esum tumucho Isauro to cultivate sweet potato Isauro Andrew 2006 Feifinae esum raur tumucho. She is cultivating her sweet potatoes.
fangaroh Isauro to send a letter Isauro Andrew 2006 Efangangar chauruwar moar yar pepa. She sent her boyfriend a letter.
faufou Isauro to tie up Isauro Andrew 2006 Efaut hubar. He tied his feet (up).


do or make [verb]

Isauro Andrew 2006, 2010

Meta hofafauh? What are you [singular] doing?
Quackenbush Word List No. 206.
Metaa ho fafaua?
What are you doing?

fauh yarus Isauro make magic in general Isauro Andrew 2004  
fein Isauro to fight   Hetei fein ba hehokom. They are not fighting, they are playing.
fei yarus Isauro make bad magic, like putting a bad spell on something Isauro Andrew 2004 Alternate spelling is fai yoras.
fiefi Isauro to squeeze softly Isauro Andrew 2006 Feifinae efiya tutur. She is squeezing her breast.
fiheh Isauro to braid Isauro Andrew 2006 Feifinae efihehi yenchimeri ma bisir. She is braiding her sister's hair.
fisifis Isauro to burn Isauro Andrew 2006 Ifisifis fetir. I burned the grass.
fita Isauro fishing; to fish Isauro Andrew 2004 This word is slightly more Tobian than seiroh.


work [verb] Isauro Andrew 2004, 2010 See No. 207 of the Quackenbush Word List.
fitehifengen Isauro to work together Isauro Andrew 2009  
fotofot Isauro to plant Isauro Andrew 2006 Feifinae emour fotoh pipier buroh. She planted a lot of giant taro.
hachap Isauro to cultivate Isauro Andrew 2006 Feifinae ehachap wot. She is cultivating taro.
hafainiyawo Isauro to talk against; slander Isauro Andrew 2009 Almost silent o.
hafasafas Isauro to give birth Isauro Andrew 2006 Sirei ehafasayai. My mother gave birth to me.
hahoyohoyo Isauro to count Isauro Andrew 2006 Ihahoya chahaikarai. I counted the eggs.
hamaunor Isauro to apologize Isauro Andrew 2009  
hanah Isauro to show Isauro Andrew 2006 Hanahangariei ma imomu ra ehapar. Show me your hut.
hangingifengen Isauro to argue Isauro Andrew 2009 See also Quackenbush Word List No. 180: hafainiyaua. Peter W. Black (2009) suggested habwobwu, literally barking, for to argue. Cf. hafainiyawo.
hapung Isauro to suck Isauro Andrew 2006 Hotowai hapungu chirara. Don't suck on that bone.
harub Isauro to hurl Isauro Andrew 2006 Eharubuhara fas nitawo sewa. He hurled the rock a long way.
hasi Isauro to take Isauro Andrew 2006 Hasi cheheie seih ma huhafas. Take these twelve eggs.



to listen Isauro Andrew 2006, 2009 Hasuteringaei! Listen to me! See No. 68 of the Quackenbush Word List.
hawahawah Isauro to love Isauro Andrew 2006 Ehawahawaha sewa ma raur. He loves his child very much.
hawerewer Isauro to prepare food Isauro Andrew 2006 Mehi ehawerewer mangau. My wife prepared the food.
hawouehi Isauro to resolve [dispute] Isauro Andrew 2009 Very light a or i.
hecheichich Isauro to run Isauro Andrew 2006 Heriweich hehecheichich nga hebahuh nga hememeri. The children were running, dancing, and laughing.
heihei Isauro to scratch oneself Isauro Andrew 2006 Imaseri ba ibe heihehie tahuhu. I want to scratch my back.
hekene Isauro to see Isauro Andrew 2006 Tamar ehekene. He was seen by his father.
herie Isauro to give Isauro Andrew 2006 Heriei cheheira seih ma huhuafas. Give me those twelve eggs.
heteharoh Isauro to send [literally: release] Isauro Andrew 2006 I heteharoh heriweich ba ebe kato char. I sent the child to fetch water.
hochoch Isauro to eat meat and unprocessed fruit Isauro Andrew 2006 Yahamatakae hetai hochoch wor. These people do not eat turtle. See Dialogue About Two Words for Eating: mangau and hochoch.
hokom Isauro to play Isauro Andrew 2006 Heriweichikarae hehokom. The children are playing.
hongohong Isauro to hear Isauro Andrew 2006 Ihongohong ba feifir hechingeri. I hear the women singing. See No. 68 of the Quackenbush Word List.
hura Isauro to know Isauro Andrew 2006 Houhura yahamatae. You [plural] know this person.
hutuf Isauro to spit Isauro Andrew 2006 Hehutufotuh wor boar. They all spat on the ground.
kahau Isauro to scratch Isauro Andrew 2006 Piris ekahaut boar. The dog is scratching the ground.
kuk Isauro to bite (not eat) Isauro Andrew 2006 Piris ehusu heriweich. The dog bit the child.


to look for
to search
Isauro Andrew 2006, 2010

Ekupeti yar uwasei. He is looking for his knife. See No. 202 of the Quackenbush Word List.

ma Isauro to be ashamed Isauro Andrew 2006 Ema ba etei fah yar fiteh. He is ashamed because he did not do his work.
mangau   food, to eat Peter W. Black 2006  
maruhaharoho Isauro to forgive; forgiveness Isauro Andrew 2009 Almost silent final o.
masarie Isauro to like Isauro Andrew 2006 Emasari ba ebe hokom. He likes to play.
masuh Isauro to sleep Isauro Andrew 2006 Efisiri wor nga etei masuh. He lay down but he is not sleeping.
matah Isauro to fear Isauro Andrew 2006 Ematahu sewa ma tamar. He is very afraid of his father.


to laugh Isauro Andrew 2006, 2009 Ihongohong ba houmemer. I can hear you [plural] laughing. Quackenbush Word List No. 70.
mengimeng Isauro to hope Isauro Andrew 2006 Imengi nga hobar bito. I hope you will come back again.
mengimeng Isauro to think Isauro Andrew 2006 Etei titiro ba emengimeng. He is not saying anything, he is thinking.
mes Isauro to die; to lose Isauro Andrew 2006, 2009, 2010 Ebemes koko ba etei mangau. The chicken will die if it does not eat. See No. 146 of the Quackenbush Word List. Cf. Quackenbush Word List No. 200.
mir Isauro to live (reside); to exist Isauro Andrew Quackenbush Word List No. 148. Cf. Quackenbush Word List No. 152. The word for to exist may be wor.
mot Isauro to sit down Isauro Andrew 2006 Mototuh itonae. Sit down over there. Emot wori boar. He is sitting on the ground.
moungau Isauro to eat vegetables and processed fruit Isauro Andrew 2006 Eteitipar ba ebe moungau reis. He refused to eat rice. See Dialogue About Two Words for Eating: mangau and hochoch.
muromur Isauro to rub Isauro Andrew 2006 Emurat hubar. He is rubbing his leg.
mut Isauro to vomit Isauro Andrew 2006 Emutahirara uruteri han. He was vomiting everything he had eaten.
ngei Isauro to suffer Isauro Andrew 2006 Ingei sewa ba ehameteh pei. I have a pain on the arm.
ngongo Isauro to swell Isauro Andrew 2006 Hubar ma paur engongoroh. His arms and legs are swelling up.
ngur peyah Isauro to break wind Isauro Andrew 2009 See No. 91 of the Quackenbush Word List.
paar Isauro plug, to stop leaks Isauro Andrew 2006  
peipeiroh Isauro to throw (general) Isauro Andrew 2006 Hepeipeirong pesipes rani rib. They throw the garbage into the hole.
peitaroh Isauro to throw away; to quit (as smoking); to divorce Isauro Andrew 2004 Chiefly Business
pihaf Isauro to steal Isauro Andrew 2006 Emour piha me rauch koko. He stole our chickens.
puhuhoto Isauro to come (with a person) Isauro Andrew 2006 Hobe puhuhoto. You will come with him.
puhurohot Isauro lose something [verb] Isauro Andrew 2010 Quackenbush Word List No. 200. This word also means to die, to lose life. These days, mes would be used for losing something.
puhutuh Isauro to fall   Epuhutuh moarawe maichur chirihet. The man fell out of the tree.


voice; speech or language; to speak Isauro Andrew 2010

Quackenbush Word List No. 191. Quackenbush Word List No. 197. Cf. titira.

riberib Isauro to bury Isauro Andrew 2006 Moanae eriberib war. He is burying the fertilizer.
riri Isauro to kill Isauro Andrew 2006 Yahamat eriri mar ba mangau. Man kills animals for food.
rur Isauro to drink Isauro Andrew 2006 Sibe rur char. We will drink water.
seheroh Isauro to pour   Feifinae eheseheseherong char ran kop. The woman is pouring water into the cup.
seiroh Isauro to fish Peter W. Black 1968; Isauro Andrew 2004 Fishing Lore of Tobi (Peter W. Black 1968). Also sairoh.
sepi Isauro to cut off Isauro Andrew 2006 Esepi chimeri rabut. He cut off the snake's head.
su Isauro to stand up Isauro Andrew 2006 Suta iyat. Stand up. Pahur hesu nga pahur hemot. Some are standing, others are sitting.
tafataf Isauro to cut up Isauro Andrew 2006 Etafa pahur fitiho. He cut up some meat.
tapa Isauro to say Isauro Andrew 2006, 2010 Tamam etapa ba hotowei bahuh. Your father said, "don't dance!" Itohongohong ma hotopa. I cannot hear what you say.
Itapa ba etwasi chapachapari hubei. I said my feet hurt. See No. 190 of the Quackenbush Word List.
tapangi Isauro to help Isauro Andrew 2009  
tefich Isauro to hunt Isauro Andrew 2006 Hemour bira tefich koko. They went to hunt chickens.
teteng Isauro to cry/weep Isauro Andrew 2006 Eteteng ba sin ewoutu. He is crying because his mother hit him.
tipafengen Isauro to cooperate Isauro Andrew 2009  
tipahiri Isauro to desire Isauro Andrew 2006 Etipahiri feifir. He desires a woman.
tiperi Isauro to want Isauro Andrew 2006, 2010.

Etiperi tut moangau. He wants some food. See No. 209 of the Quackenbush Word List. Emoh tipei. I'm happy.

tiretir Isauro to split Isauro Andrew 2006 Etirang pahur tamuch. He split some firewood.
titi Isauro to push Isauro Andrew 2006 Hobe tingi nga epongutuh. When you push him, he falls.
titira Isauro to speak Isauro Andrew 2009 Almost silent a. Cf. Quackenbush Word List No. 191, 197.
tongutong Isauro to smell, to sniff Isauro Andrew 2006 Pirisikaye hetongu bour fitiho. The dogs smelled the meat.
tutu Isauro to wash a person Isauro Andrew 2006 Feifinae etutu retet. She is washing herself in the lagoon.
uhu Isauro to blow Isauro Andrew 2006 Euho yaf. He is blowing on the fire.
Euhu han. He is blowing on the food.
was Isauro to wash Isauro Andrew 2006 Feifinae ewasuh ufar. She is washing her clothes.
wehi Isauro to find Isauro Andrew 2006 Emour wehi me yar uwasei. He found his knife.
wonguwong Isauro to squeeze out Isauro Andrew 2006 Feifinae ewonguwong huruhur. She is squeezing a lemon.
wor Isauro to lie down Isauro Andrew 2006 Ewor nga etei masuh. He is lying down but he is not sleeping.
wouwou Isauro to hit Isauro Andrew 2006 Feifinae ewoutu heriweich. She hit the child.
yefiyef Isauro to pull Isauro Andrew 2006 Iefief tari. I am pulling on the rope.
yeyeri Isauro to fly   Mar eyeyer nga ih etei yeyer. Birds fly but fish do not.

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