Fishing Lore of Tobi.  Peter W. Black 1968, 2017


In 2005 the Glossary was expanded to include many of the Tobian words used in The Fishing Lore of Tobi.  In some cases, spellings have been revised to reflect new information.

The words originally in the Glossary are marked with an asterisk.

Word Meaning Note
Baau* Fishing pole  
Bauch Fish  
Baur Hari Fishing for young boys  
Baur Ni Cheh Fishing for young boys  

Bauru Bong

Night Fishing Method 5

Bautam Canoe part  
Beni Ri Wor Turtle hunt method  
Bir Fish for tuna from canoe using poles  


Day Fishing Method 35

Bub Fish; also name used by Matias & Esobio for Day Fishing Method 16 (Petchamai)  
Buhachechi Fish  
Bupare Fish  
Buwar Fish  


Fish; also Day Fishing Method 19

Charau Fish  
Chau Breadfruit leaf kite used in Day Fishing Method 23  
Chee Canoe part  
Chep Fish  
Cheu Net  
Cheu Bu Net  
Cheu Mangah Net  
Cheu Ru Hou Net  
Cheu Tir Net  
Cheu Turumat Net  
Chimerifas Stone head  
Chingi Bat* Very low tide  
Chingi Chingi* Low Tide  
Chou Canoe part  
Chuheribout Fish  


Night Fishing Method 6

Cuperiwar Turtle hunt method  
Fahum Hook  
Faiyoras* Magic  
Fanunuh Canoe: one-half of distance Ruuh to Hau  
Faram Fish Also Farah


Fish; also Day Fishing Method 17

Faraparah Name  
Farhonor Fish  
Fariyap Apple  
Fariyorung Turtle  
Fasuwoh Bottom fishing  

Fasuwoh Ri Bong

Night Fishing Method 4


Fasuwoh Ri Bwere

Day Fishing Method 20


Fatun Bauch

Day Fishing Method 25


Fatun Mahabu

Day Fishing Method 26


Fatun Mungah

Day Fishing Method 27

If only drifting called Hasu

Fatur* Canoe paddle  
Faumur Fish  
Faurepie Fish Also Farepie


Day Fishing Method 21

Fen er bub Net  
Fen er mahipihip Net  


Day Fishing Method 18

Feter Name: Fetereheng's son  
Fetereheng* Name: the man who developed the Tobi style canoe  
Fifoas* A method of typing on a stone sinker, used in Hapeh Hapeh  
Fita Ri Bong* Night fishing  


Fish; also Day Fishing Method 22

Fosufosu Fish Also Fasifoo
Fotorimar Fish  
Fotomahech Hook  
Haau* Fishing Hook  
Habang Bird  
Habau Fish  


Night Fishing Method 3

Haburok Night fishing  


Day Fishing Method 23

Hachap Turtle  
Hachetiho Name  
Hachou Sinker  
Hafaramau Clan  
Hafaryaurhiyo Canoe part  
Hahuhauryopacha Canoe part  
Hafiro Fish  
Hahaf Bait in Day Fishing Method 24  


Night Fishing Method 2; also—jiggle the line

Hahuchurtab Rock pile  
Haichoho Name—in Tur, stands with net  
Haichomwich Name—in Tur, sits and paddles  
Haihasutur Name—in Tur, stands with torch  
Haimaturi Fatur Name—in Tur, sits and paddles and bails  
Haimihimihi Name—in Tur, sits and steers—  


Day Fishing Method 33



Night Fishing Method 11



Day Fishing Method 37



Day Fishing Method 24

Hamatara* To shake off stone tied with Fifoas—used in Night Fishing Method 1 (Hapeh Hapeh)  
Hangap Fish  
Hapeh Hapeh Night Fishing Method 1  
Hapeimohor Clan  
Hapichochoi Fish  
Hari Fish  
Harie Chimerifas Fish  

Harie Chor

Fish; also Day Fishing Method 30

Harie Yuhuno Fish  
Harimah Canoe  
Hapi Sehe Hook  
Harisehe Hook  
Hariyenuhuno Name used by Matias & Esobio for Day Fishing Method 15 (Man Waru Hoch)  


Night Fishing Method 12

Hasu* Day Fishing Method 27 (Fatun Mungah) if only drifting  
Hatih Fish  

Hatuf Charau

Day Fishing Method 36

If method slightly different called Hatuf Rahung

Hatuf Rahung A slightly different Day Fishing Method 36 (Hatuf Charau)  
Hau Hook; also canoe: one-half of the Ruuh  
Haubarrap Fish Also Houbarab
Haufong Hook  
Haugus Fish  
Haur Canoe part  
Hauro Tapi Hook  
Haus Canoe part  
Hausi Fish  
Hausih Fish Also Housih
Hawereye Clan  
Hecheubu Name—in Tir, holds net  
Hecheuruou Name—in Tir, holds net (man with net)  
Hehatah Canoe: facing bow, the right side  
Hehewar Turtle  
Her Fish  
Hetam Canoe: facing bow, the left or outrigger side  
Hie Giant clam  
Hih Canoe part  
Hiheyar Bird—white tern Also Hiyahe/Hiyehie
Hiho Canoe: main supports of outrigger  
Hinbochariyas Canoe part  
Hirifeten Canoe part  
Hoch* Flat part of reef  
Hochari Hie Helen Reef  


Canoe part: one-half distance Hau to end

Hon Fish  
Horach Fish  
Hufu-Hatahe Fish  
Hugh Fish  
Ich Fish  
Ichenap* Big fish  
Ich Heri Hoch* Reef fish  
Ich Heri Matau* Deep sea fish  
Ich heri ni matau Ocean fishing  
Ich Patchi* Small fish  
Ich Raro Fish  
Ich ya neinsi pai The fish is biting  
Iherough Fish  
Kum Fish  
Kuh Fishing method: netting fish at night  
Maabunur Fish  
Mabuwat God  
Machiyeru Basket  
Mahabu Fish  
Mahahapo Fish  
Mahi Fish  
Mahipihip Bub Fish  
Mai Ru Hur Hog* Beyond the reef Also Mai rugur hoch
Mam Fish  
Mamuchih Fish  
Mangah Fish—flying fish  
Mangah Fish—not a flying fish  
Manimeiyough Name: the last navigator  
Manwarhichi Name  

Man Waru Hoch

Fish; also Day Fishing Method 15

Name used by Matias & Esobio for this is Hariyenuhuno

Martaifur God of Pula Ana  
Martamuch Fish  
Maruseti* Expert fisherman  
Masough Fish  
Masowah Fish  
Matariyo* Fiber leader  
Matau Ocean  
Matecha Fish  
Metehefeng Canoe part  
Meheihou Fish  
Meterimauryeng Tobi village  
Metesie* The curved side of a Tobi canoe  
Moh Tree  
Mor Fish  
Mos Fish  
Mowar Bow  
MouMou* Customary law  
Muihir Stern  

Mungo Pes

Night Fishing Method 10

Ngaf* Fathom  
Ngeingei Nibble  
Ngita Fish  
Nibu* Regular high tide  
Nibuhu High tide  
Nichingiching Low tide  
Nimi Fish  


Pa* Bait Also Paa
Pahas Net  


Day Fishing Method 32



Day Fishing Method 39


Pahutuhor Yefangi

Day Fishing Method 38


Paip Fish  
Panangi Canoe part  
Parifatur Hook  
Parihaher Bait rig  
Paruh* Navigator Also Paruhe
Pati Fish  
Pauh Canoe part  


Fish; also Day Fishing Method 16

Name used by Matias and Esobio for this is Bub

Rahung Fish  
Raitet* Day fishing  
Ramatiho Hook  
Ramibout Hook  
Ramohparuhe* The first queen of Tobi  
Raughaman Fish  
Ret Fish  
Ribauh Fish  
Richoh Fish  
Riepeh Canoe part  
Rihosobu Fish  
Rimehiyong Fish  


Fish; also Day Fishing Method 28

Ritetifach Fish  
Ritobuhaha Bait: spider web  
Roraparap Wave  
Roubah Name: from Wolei— clan mother of Hawereye Also Rabeh
Ruha* Calm sea  
Ruhorugh Fish Also Ruhoruho
Ruuh Canoe part: the center  
Saha Fish  
Sairoh To fish  
Sei Pole  
Senap* Expert Canoe Builder  
Seriyout Area of rough water where two currents come together  
Siyeri Matau* Ocean  
Souhopit Name: Ramoparuhe's brother  
Sohu Rep* Very high tide  
Sonobei Fish  


Day Fishing Method 34

Tahabech Name: Ramohparuhe's father  

Wire leader

Tahaha Fish  


Night Fishing Method 7

Tahuhfa System of moistening coconut frond while building canoe  
Tahumahu Fish  
Tahuu * Tuna  
Taiyaho Fish  
Tam* Outrigger  
Tamaur Matau * Rough sea  
Tangih Fish  
Tangitenginam Fish  
Tarachab Fish  


Fish; also Day Fishing Method 31

Tatahbur Fish  


Day Fishing Method 29

Tehenuroi Name: Fetereheng's son  
Tere* Adze  
Tererifing* Adze with a movable head  
Teter Fish  


Fish; also Day Fishing Method 40

Tiribub Fish  
Tirihan Fish  
Tirumat Fish  
Totohwar Turtle hunt method  
Toutub* Master magician Also Toutob


Night Fishing Method 14



Night Fishing Method 8

Uatur Canoe  
Uh Net  
Uh* Sail (N.)  


Night Fishing Method 9

Umen Hermit crab  
Urahab * Feathers used in making lures  
Uremarau Fish  
Uwarai Net  
Wa* Canoe  
Wahabir Fish  
War Turtle  
Waribir Canoe  
Wariyeng Canoe part  
Warobei Canoe part  
Warorum Fish  
Waruhuh Canoe  
Woar* Turtle  
Woor Adze blade with curved cutting edge  
Yah* Current Also yahuh
Yahong Fish  
Yango Name: Ramohparuhe's first child  
Yapiti Canoe part  
Yar Fish  
Yarung* The outside edge of the reef  


Night Fishing Method 13

Yatam Fish  
Yau* Line  
Yauh Fish  
Yawariyet Hook  
Yeb Fish  
Yebur Yohong Fish  
Yetoh Fish  
Yohong Fish  
Yongoihari Name: Ramohparuhe's husband  
Yopacha Canoe part  

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Updated: January 19, 2017