Fishing Lore of Tobi. Peter W. Black 1968, 2017

The Canoes of Tobi
Patricio Mohorihotimoh, April 28

When the first people came to Tobi they came in a Wolei style canoe. The Pauh was straight—
Canoe:  Paugh
no Metesie
Canoe: Matesiya

and no Hau. This canoe was 40 feet long with one pandanus sail.

In the time of the sixth chief a man named Fetereheng, after many experiments, changed the sides from
Canoe: sideto Canoe:  side adding the Metesie.

Fetereheng’s canoe was faster and it could sail much closer to the wind without capzising. He also changed the Pauh from
Canoe: Paughto
Canoe:  Paugh
He had two sons—Feter, the eldest, and Tehenuroi. They both learned how to build the new style canoe from their father and when Fetereheng died, they both became canoe builders.

Feter built canoes his father’s way but Tehenuroi shortened the Metesie
Canoe: Matasiya
Canoe: Matasiya

This made a faster canoe that could not go on rough seas. Both designs are still in use today.

Patricio eliminated the Houm
Canoe: Houm
when he started adding copper stripping on the bottom to protect the canoe from the reef. The Houm was merely decorative.

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Updated: January 18, 2017