Ifiri Merik:  Titi

Tobi Abai

Trust Territory Times

Shipwrecked on Tobi: Alfred Dreckmann, who along with four of his friends was shipwrecked on Tobi in 1961, sent us these photographs of this time on the island. They were sailing from Singapore to Australia when their motor died and they drifted at sea until they came to Tobi. They lived there for a few months until the Navy took them to Guam. The others were Heinz Bruno Veith, Peter Brysinski, Klaus Leupolz, and Hubertus van der Voort.

The Jerry O. Bush Memorial School built in 1967-1968 by the People of Tobi and their Peace Corps Volunteers. In the TT Archives this photo is labeled housing in Palau.
Jerry O. Bush Memorial SchoolPhoto 30 from Reel 1971.

Music and Alcohol on Palau and Tobi
. In Garland Encyclopedia of World Music: Volume 9, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Adrienne Kaeppler and Jacob Love, eds. Pp. 180-183. New York: Garland Publishing Company,1998. Drinking and singing on Tobi and in Palau contrasted.

Fourteen Tobi Sketches by Peter W. Black.   In Sociology:   Analysis and Application, Joseph A. Scimecca and Arnold K. Sherman, Dubuque, IA:  Kendall/Hunt, 1992. 

The Anthropology of Tobacco Use: Tobian Data and Theoretical Issues by Peter Weston Black.  Journal of Anthropological Research 40: 457-503, Winter 1984.  This paper discusses the role of tobacco in Tobian society.

1982 The `In-Charge Complex’ and Tobian Political Culture. Pacific Studies 6:52-70.

"From Russia with Hope."  Here's an excerpt from this article by David North, Pacific Islands Monthly, November 1990, p. 16.  This short piece discusses a Russian ship in Helen Reef.

The 1957 Western Pacific Cruise of USS Leray Wilson (DE-414)
As remembered by John B. Orzalli, Captain USN (ret.), Matlacha Florida, January 2005. The Leray Wilson stopped briefly at Tobi and Helen Reef.

A few photos from TT TImes—

Assistant Chief Tirso
Assistant Chief Tirso holding up a canoe. 
Who is Chief Tirso? 
TT Archives, copied in 1993 by Peter Black.

Bernardo and Flag
Is this Bernaroso?
TT Archives, copied in 1993 by Peter Black.
The caption in the TT Archives read "Acting Chief Bernardo with flag and presents from USN, Tobi."

Huan Hosei sent another copy of this photograph with a different caption: " Chief Tamol (Fernando Hosei) of Tobi. He is shown here with gifts of clothing and goods from the US Navy to the residents of Tobi. This photograph was taken in 1947 at the start of the US Naval Trusteeship."

Ocean at Tobi Ocean at Tobi, 1968. 
Photograph by visiting Peace Corps Volunteer.
Tobi East Side
Tobi east side at low tide. 
Photograph by Peter Black
Marcello and Canoe
Marcello and canoe, 1973. 

Photograph by Peter Black.

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