woodesrogerscover.jpg (177119 bytes) A Cruising Voyage Round the World by Captain Woodes Rogers.  London:  Cassell and Company, Limited.  1928.

The earliest known written record of Tobi is from 1710 when Woodes Rogers, on the ship Duke of Bristol, sailing from Guam to Ternate wrote the following in his log for April 11.
". . . Nothi
ng remarkable has occur’d worth noting, but that we have generally had a strong Current setting to the Northward. At Two Yesterday Afternoon we made Land, bearing S.E. distant about 5 leagues, being a low, flat Island, all green and full of Trees. Lat. 2. 54.N. This island is not laid down in any Sea Chart; our ship continues very leaky." 

A map of his voyage woodesrogersmap.jpg (45756 bytes)
and a print of a ship from his book woodesrogersship.jpg (55169 bytes)
and Captain Rogers with his family, 1729 
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