Fragment from Eilers, Westkarolinen I (53)

The memory of voluntary or compulsory voyages to other islands is also still fresh. This shows clearly that the ancestors were far more enterprising though no less pacific than the present inhabitants. It is said that the ancient Songosor people travelled in canoes to Saipan, Palau, pan-ne, and New Guinea. Some of them did not return, but it is said that they always returned from New Guinea. In Palau they visited Malagal. Communications with Tobi, Pur, and Merir are still maintained.

One day three men in a Songosor canoe rode to Osariki (Helen Reef) where they visited the village of Orosurob. The names of the men were Mariso and Glango. The name of the third man has sunk into oblivion. This occurred a long time ago, nobody knows anymore when it did happen. At that time Osariki was still inhabited by many people. Two of the Songosor men were killed by the Osariki people. The third man fled into the bush, and they were unable to find him. He perished later on in a typhoon.