From the Marianas Variety, May 6, 2004 Vol 32 No 38

Hatohobei state elections on May 24
By Agnes M. Abrau
For Variety

KOROR (Palau Horizon) — Gov. Sabino J. Sackarias is running against Lt. Gov. Crispin Emilio in the Hatohobei state elections on May 24. The governor serves a term of four years. The speaker of the state legislature, Dominic M. Emilio, is the only candidate for lt. governor. The election commission said there are nine candidates for the state legislature’s at-large seats. These are Huana Kyoshi, William Andrew, Francisca Elias, Steven Patris, Franco E. Marcello, Judy Nestor, Francis M. Victor, Lorenso Simeon and Rosania Victor. The state has 106 registered voters, the commission said. On May 25, Kayangel state will hold its elections. No candidates had filed their petitions as of press time, the commission said.