KOROR (Palau Horizon) — The state of Sonsorol will hold its elections on Feb. 27.
The Election Commission said the deadline for the filing of nominating petitions is Jan. 28.
Registration deadline is on Feb. 13. Avery Midas of the Election Commission said only one
candidate has so far filed a nominating petition — Lee Pedro, who is seeking a state legislative seat.
Sonsorol has 143 registered voters who will elect a governor, a lieutenant governor and six members
of the Sonsorol State Legislature — four representing hamlets and two for at-large seats.
Laura Ierago is the state’s incumbent governor. Four other states are also scheduled to hold
elections this year prior to the national elections on Nov. 2. Should there be more than two candidates
for president and vice president, a primary will be held on Sept. 28. Hatohobei will conduct its state
elections on May 24
; Kayangel on May 25; Ngiwal on Aug. 10; and Ngarchelong on Aug. 31.

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