Vol. 33 No. 166
©2005 Marianas Variety Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Moratorium on entry of birds
By Bernadette H. Carreon
For Variety

KOROR (Palau Horizon) — The Palau government has imposed a moratorium on
the entry of any kind of birds to the Southwest Island to prevent avian flu from spreading here. Bureau of Public Health Director Stevenson Kuartei said since the Southwest Island is very close to Indonesia, a country which has been reported to be affected by the bird flu, the virus could be a threat to Palau. The ministry has also visited chicken farms to warn owners to be careful and help prevent bird flu form entering the country. Kuartei said owners were asked to be alert for any poultry dying or becoming ill. Kuartei said Palau no longer imports chicken or poultry from affected countries.