Vol. 33 No. 167
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Ty Saiske, Alexandrina Patris are Athletes of the year
By Nazario Rodriguez Jr.
For Variety

KOROR (Palau Horizon) — Baseball’s Ty Saiske and weightlifting’s Alexandrina Patris are crowned male and female athletes of the year, respectively, following their sterling performances in their respective sports events in 2004. Both Saiske and Patris were absent during last Saturday’s formal ceremonies of the 4th Annual Sports Award Banquet hosted by the Palau National Olympic Committee at the PPR poolside.
Saiske, center fielder for team Koror, won the Most Valuable Player plum after his team won the 2005 Palau Major League season. Other major awardees presented by President Remengesau, PNOC President Frank Kyota and Secretary General Baklai Temengil were swimming’s Sheila Waters as coach of the year, Ann Lund as volunteer of the year, Surangel and Sons Co. as sponsor of the year and Santos Borja as technical official of the year. Special Honor Awards were also given to the late Lory Ann Benardo and James ‘Messy’ Rikrik.
Athletes with exemplary performances in their respective events were also
recognized in the Sports Federation Awards.
FOOTBALL: Naun Alvarez (coach); Pasquana Flowers (volunteer).
SOFTBALL: Calson Demei (male athlete) Ann Martin (female athlete); Susan
Ngirausui and Tellames Johanes (coaches); Miriam West (volunteer);
Shimbros (sponsor).
SWIMMING: IB Misech (male athlete); Evelyn Otto (female athlete); Sheila
Waters (coach); Ervin Rengechel (volunteer); Computers Plus (sponsor)
Hanpa Industrial Development (corporate sponsor 2004).
TABLE TENNIS: Jasmine Korang Watanabe (female athlete); Jeramei Orachel
Watanabe (coach); Ying Zhiguo (volunteer). Korang participated in the ITTF Junior Circuit Event, Safir International Tournament (new Caledonia), Junior Circuit and Training Camp and has trained in the ITTF training Center in Sweden as part of the Junior Oceania Team and being among the top 10 players in the Region.
TENNIS: Odanges Dengokl (male athlete); Kelly Koskelin (female athlete);
Ernestine Rengiil (coach); PPR (sponsor).
TRIATHLON: Tino Faatuuala (male athlete); Krista Callinan (female
athlete); Bill Ridpath (coach); Daryl Lund (volunteer); Shell (corporate
WEIGHTLIFTING: Stevick Patris (male athlete); Alexandra Patris (female
; Daphne Techechur (female athlete); Shell and PPUC (sponsors).
WRESTLING: Elgin Elwais Tulop (male athlete); John Tarkong Jr. (coach);
WCTC (sponsor).
TRACK AND FIELD: Russel Ward Roman (male athlete); Ngerak Florencio
(female athlete); Peoria Koshiba (coach); Ann Lund (volunteer); Santy
Asanuma (sponsor); M. Asanuma Enterprises (corporate sponsor). Roman has participated in the IAAF World Indoors Championships in Budapest and in the 2004 Athens Olympics while Florencio participated in the Athens Olympics and set a personal best record in the 100 meters.
BASEBALL: Ty Saiske (male athlete); Uchel Sechewas (coach); Miriam West
(volunteer); Mobil Oil Micronesia (sponsor); Pacific Savings bank (corporate sponsor); Santos Borja (technical official).
BASKETBALL: Javis Pedro (male athlete); Sesengel Ketebengang (female
athlete); winkler Maech (coach); Logan Ngiriou (volunteer); KSG (sponsor);
Shell (corporate sponsor). Pedro participated in the 2004 Micronesian Basketball Tournament in Guam, the Business League MVP while Ketebengang has participated in the 2004 Micronesian Basketball Tournament in Guam and was the ISL Girls MVP.
CANOE: Charles Ngiralmau (male athlete); Tiare Holm (female athlete); Marcus Hangaripai (coach); Nobuko Ota (volunteer); Surangel and Sons (sponsor); Michael Tongg (technical official).
Special awards were also given by the Palau Basketball Referees Association to Logan Ngiriou (referee) and Villiany Remengesau (table official).