I'd like to inform everyone that Lorenzo is carving a life size canoe at the

Belau National Museum as part of our community outreach.  We presently have

a Micronesian Seafaring Traditions exhibit at the Belau National Museum that

was part of the Presidential Inauguration activities.  This is sponsored by

Matson Navigation, Palau Shipping and the Belau National Museum.  The model

canoes are from Nauru, Kiribati, Marshalls, Pohnpei, Kosrae, Chuuk, CMNI,

Guam and Palau.  This is a traveling exhibit that started in Guam.  It will

last until April of this year. We don't have model canoes from Hatohobei but

Lorenzo is doing the "real thing" on the Museum compound.  He's got such

great knowledge about the sea.  We are trying to find a way to transfer the

canoe carving knowledge to the younger generation of Palau and Lorenzo is

doing just that.  He has been saying that it is hard to teach the young men

of Hatohobei due to many reasons.  I recommend that any of you out there,

please do a research topic on seafaring traditions of other topics on Hatohobei.


President Remengesau is very much serious in helping the Board of Trustees

to build a new national museum complex and we would like to strengthen our

Hatohobei collection to coincide with the opening of the new national

museum.  Please help by talking to your friends, families, etc. of your

vision of how you might help us.


Tina Rehuher
Director, Belau National Museum