Immigration searches on the identity of a man found in Hatohobei 
Wednesday, 14 July 2010 14:14 By Heide E. Vinoya - For Variety 

KOROR (Palau Horizon) – The Bureau of Immigration (BOI) is still searching the identity of a man who was found in Hatohobei Island without any passport or documentation, last week. Immigration Director Jenkins Maruir said his office has already coordinated with the neighboring Pacific Island nations and members of his organization to determine the identity of the man and is awaiting for their response.

Mariur said that according to Yisrael John Chuuke’s statement, he is an FSM citizen and came from Kapingamarangi Island of Pohnpei.

He said that he left the island at the age of 10 to look for his father in Australia. He took a canoe from Kapingamarangi and he was picked up by the fishing vessels on the high seas and taken to Vanuatu where he lived for 10 years. He then went to Papua New Guinea where he stayed for 20 years. Then he decided to sail back to Pohnpei but his boat broke down by the storm and he was rescued by Filipino fishermen who took him to Cebu.

Chuuke lived in Cebu for two years and tried to go back to Pohnpei. While he was in the middle of the ocean his boat broke down again. He was taken by a big Bangka or fishing vessel and dropped him at the Hatohobei State. From there, he was picked up by Palau patrol boat during its patrol of the Southwest Island states and brought to Koror.

Mariur said that Chuuke did not have passport or any identification card but only a compass.

He said that Chuuke is now under the custody of State Minister Victor Yano.