October 2007

Housing and Dispensary Projects Underway on Tobi Island
Two new big projects are underway at Hatohobei State. State Governor Crispin Emilio in an interview said improvements of the dispensary and 13 houses have begun.

Last weekend the Surangel and Son’s barge arrived at the state to ferry the materials to be used for the housing project and the dispensary. The construction materials were shipped on Oct. 7 and arrived Wednesday.

The state government received an amount of $30,000 from United States Department of Agriculture to jumpstart the housing project which will renovate 13 houses in the state.

The improvement of the dispensary meanwhile obtained a separate funding.
He said the state dispensary needs to be improved because it is deteriorating and unsafe."The project will help people of Palau and the state as well," Emilio said. He added that funding for the housing project has been requested a long time ago. The housing project is expected to be completed by Sept. 2008.

He said 13 houses in Hatohobei needs to be renovated, the request for funding was made to improve it.