Hatohobei State News Clips
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June 29, 2002 from Huan Hosei and Sebastian Marino:   Huan wrote to say that his family is still in Pohnpei. Huan also said that Marcus and his family are well and Marcus will be back teaching at PCC in the fall. Sebastian is in Pohnpei, FSM training the new PCVs on the marine environment of Micronesia and Palau. He says the Pacific is wonderful and his work is great and he can't wait to be back in Palau.

June 12, 2002 from Thomas Patris:
Thomas writes that many people went to Tobi last week and will stay for three weeks. When the Atoll Way left, the boat was full and lots of kids went along. The Helen Reef project has been helping the State Government with monthly field trips this year. The Helen Reef project hired Wayne Andrew as Assistant Project Manager. Wayne, Mike Guilbeaux, and Thomas are going to the Cook Islands next month for a conference on Nature Conservation and Management. Wayne will do a presentation on Helen Reef. His main job will be to set up the office and look after the Helen Reef ranger. Thomas said that the Tobian electrification project is not going to materialize this year though.

May 2002:
Thomas and Mary were in Baltimore and Washington to see Tanya Yangilmau Patris graduate from Notre Dame College. They were joined by Florence, Cheryl, Bradley, Pippa, Soty, Peter and Bobby and more. Meanwhile, Sharon has graduated from Xavier and is on her way to Emmanuel College, Boston, with a four-year presidential scholarship. Soty has just finished her sophomore year at Paul VI High School and will visit in Oklahoma this summer.

May 2002 from Justin Haringesei Andrew:    More news from Saipan! Congratulations to Justin and Louisa Pedro whose son, Lyle Pedro Andrew, was born on May 17 weighing in at 7.5 pounds! Lyle's sister, Kalea, was three years old two days later. We're waiting for a photograph.

April 2002
from Justin Haringesei Andrew:   
News from Saipan. Congratulations to Jesse and his wife Kumi who had another girl on April 21, born big and strong.  We're waiting to see a photograph!

January 2002 from Justin Andrew:
   Ebil Teriong, Huan Hosei's mother, died last week. Please remember Huan, his brother Francis, and their families in your prayers. Justin remembered that she used to cook lunch for Huan and Justin every day while they were in high school! They would walk from school to her house in Malakal--quite a distance but still closer than Hapesang.

From Mike Guilbeaux:
We recently got word that we scored the big Packard Grant $225,000 to support the project for one year. Four Tobians have been trained in the policy academy and we are now waiting for the Atoll Way to return from dry dock in Manila before beginning to implement a field presence at Helen.

January 2002 from Huan Hosei
: All of us went to Pohnpei for Christmas and new year: Alicia, Vianney, and me. We had a great time there, we enjoyed every single day. I went trolling for tuna, mahi, etc (every other day), and net fishing in between. Nan Midol is an intriguing historical sight to visit. The local food is great, esp. w/ local chicken and pig, etc. We spent three days in Guam...all with much fun. In Guam, the Tobi boys are doing very well: Jason is engaged...getting ready for marriage; Jerome is sworn in as United States court marshall on Guam; and Jeremy is well. Roman's brother, Inoki, is staying with him. Oly Lorenso is at com-fsm.

January 2002 from Peter & Bobby Black: Happy New Year! We've seen and heard from lots of you lately. It was terrific to hear from Joe Kintoki and we hope he is well. Justin Andrew had chicken pox and we hope he's recovering now. Soty was very excited to hear about the birth of her new baby brother (is his name Quentin?) in January! We also hear that Kelly and Robert had a new baby boy, Tristine. Congratulations to all! We saw Thomas Patris late last year when he visited Washington and of course we see Bradley and Tanya often. Marcus, Glenda, and baby Angela came to visit us for a few days at Ifari Haparim after Christmas and we had a great time! We will have some pictures for you in the near future.

November 2001 from Dave Sapio: There seems to be a general push to establish better diplomatic relations between Palau and other countries. They have made agreements with Mexico
(via ambassadors to Washington), Korea, CNMI (or maybe it was the Marshalls) and ROC Taiwan (Johnson Toribiong is ambassador or special representative and has set up an office there) in the past month or so, and are looking to send an ambassador to PI (in addition to having their Consul here). There was a delegation supposed to go to the Philippines on Sept 12 to discuss tuna things (don't know if it was officially for territory negotiation), but it was cancelled when the planes were grounded. Thomas Patris was supposed to go on that trip, and said that it has not been rescheduled as yet. He also said that there has been no recent action on the letters with Indonesia and Malaysia. There has
also been some commentary going around on how much the executive branch must submit to the OEK for approval of international relations. The president is in Japan at the moment "selling" Palau as a good, safe tourist destination. Palau is trying to restart the tuna industry here, and so I would
imagine that also has some influence on starting fishery negotiations. They are looking for sites in Babeldaob for a processing plant, investors, trying to get the US to lower some tuna import taxes, etc.
So, that's what I hear.

September 2001 from Huan Hosei: Here's the Hatohobei State Scholarship Application. And here's what Huan had to say about it.  

July 4, 2001 from Dave Sapio: We had a tropical depression depress right on us last weekend. Not too much other than a small mess. We sat on the parch and wathced and upgraded it from a banana typhoon to a papaya typhoon to a betelnut typhoon as the different trees began to fall.

June 22, 2001 from Mike Guilbeaux:  We just learned that the NZ PIE grant application that we submitted came through! That is $50K a year for enhancing enforcement at Helen Reef for two years. (~$112,000 USD total).

June 18, 2001 from Dave Sapio: Just back from a few field trips to the southwest. Many of the recent trips have been shared with Sonsorol, so I have been to all the islands a few times now. I'll send along a couple o' pics as I get around to developing and scanning. There was a lot of foreign fishing going on all over the southwest this last trip, which bothered people because there is no one living on Merir now, four people (2 women, one child, one boy who does not speak), 11 on Tobi and I think less than twenty on Sonsorol. The funeral for the chief was this weekend, and I don't know how many are coming back.

April 9, 2000, Sabino Sackarias, Governor, sent this news

Last year, a Southwest Islands delegation visited several European and Asian embassies in Manila. The trip was designed to initiate a dialog of friendship and find potential development possibilities for the fishing and tourism industries.


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