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Does anybody have any idea what this stone figurine is all about?

Stonework  (25784 bytes)  Stonework (27565 bytes)Photographs by Douglas Osborne
Have you read the article, Tobi Island Artifacts, which describes its finding?  And also go back and read the legend of Ramoparuhe.  Jump to Ifiri Mosuwe for both.

Are Ramoparuhe of Tobi and Lifarpaluy of Fais the same woman?  Click here to learn more

In F.W. Christian's book, The Caroline Islands (1899, London:  Methuen), on page 170 we read the following:  

Why in distant little spots of the Pacific do we find the like engineering marvels?   --sites held as sacred, guarded by shadowy traditions of mighty kings, magic builders and giant folk of old.  Ponape has her Tikitik-en-ani or Teraphim of stone, has her sanctuaries of Nan-Tauach and Pankatara, and her Lil-charaui or sacred precincts; Tobi, her massive platforms topped by stone images of her Yari, or ancient heroes, gazing out upon the deep . . . .

The mystery is:  what was this guy smoking? 

Tasiana and Josepha (54096 bytes)
We identified the woman on the right as Josepha;
Marcus Hangaripaii Marcello and Sebastian Marino both think she is Kasmira.
What do you think?

Can anyone explain the stone bed in the Ternate Man's house? 

In the 1930s, the artist Paul Jacoulet who was living in Japan, took a trip and visited Angaur.   Does anyone have any idea who this man might be and where we can find one of these prints?

Updated: March 13, 2005