Research Paper:
Ethnic Food Preparation and Eating Habits
of the Southwest Island Natives of Palau

Prepared by:
Anthony Watson, Alfred Pedro, Laura Ierago



Table of Contents

I. Introduction

A. Purpose
B. Motivation
C. Overview of Paper
D. Method of Research

II. Description of the Islands

A. Physiography
B. Climate
C. Geology
D. Population and culture

III. Methods of food preparation and preservation in the Southwest islands

IV. Preparation of plants, animals, and sea life consumed in the Islands

A. Fruits

i. Pandanus
ii. Seeded Breadfruit; Breadfruit
iii. Tafaso (Crataeva speciosa; Common Name Unavailable)
iv. Papaya
v. Citrus Fruit
vi. Banana
vii. Indian Mulberry
viii. Wax Apple
ix. Wild Fig
x. Tallow Nut
xi. Coconut
xii. Tropical Almond; Beach Almond
xiii. Cycad

B. Root Crops and Starch Foods

i. True Taro
ii. Giant Taro
iii. Island Arrowroot
iv. Tapioca
v. Elephant's Ear Taro
vi. Yautia
vii. Sweet Potato
viii. Rice
ix. Tohi, Tari, Perae, Pali, Yam
     (Yam species; Common and Scientific Names Unavailable for the First Four)
x. Sago Palm

C. Vegetables

i. Portulaca
ii. Sauworu (English name unavailable)
iii. Pumpkin
iv. Papaya Leaf Shoot and Flowers
v. Banana Flower
vi. Taro Leaves and Stalk

D. Land animals

i. Pig
ii. Coconut Crab
iii. Land Crab

E. Sea Life

i. Fish, general
ii. Turtle
iii. Porcupine Fish
iv. Surgeonfish, Unicornfish, Triggerfish and Boxfish
v. Titan Triggerfish and Yellowmargin Triggerfish
vi. Flying Fish
vii. Shark
viii. Anchovy
ix. Ringeilos and Sand Clam
x. Rimat, Tamarong , Perih e Hacho and Yohoyoh(English Names not available)
xi. Spider Shell and Tiger Cowry
xii. Sea Anemone
xiii. Giant Clams
xiv. Squid & Cuttlefish
xv. Spiny Lobster and Slipper Lobster

F. Birds

i. Red-Footed Booby
ii. Bat

V. Data on survey of present-day eating habits of southwest islanders

VI. Appendix 1: Illustrations of foods from land and sea

VII. Appendix 2: Illustrations of Traditional and Modern Food utensils,
Preparation, Preservation and Storage Materials

VIII. Names of Relevant Plant and Animal Life

IX. Names of Relevant Sea Life

X. Names of Relevant Avifauna

XI. Bibliography