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Sunrise at Tobi  (5878 bytes)Sunrise at Tobi
Taken by Marcus Hangaripaii on one of his visits home from Virginia. 
Dominic & Andrew (26267 bytes)Dominic & Andrew
Taken by Mike Guilbeaux during the reef monitoring and survey trip in the summer of 1999.
Perpetua Perfecto & Huan Hosei (32850 bytes)
Perpetua Perfecto and Huan Hosei, 1997

Photo Sent by Francis Hosei.
Crispin (32743 bytes)
The Young Crispin in  Babeldaub
This picture arrived in California from Palau many years ago.
Domiciano (39341 bytes)
Domiciano at Eang Cemetery, 1999

Photograph by Peter Black
Francis & Dominic  (33240 bytes)The Return of the Home Boy
Francis & Dominic fishing in the Rock Islands during Francis's visit from New York in 1997.  Photo by Huan Hosei; Gift of Francis Hosei
Soty & Margo (59231 bytes)
Soty & Margo at the orchid garden

Photograph by Peter Black, 1999
Lawrenso  (54711 bytes)
Lawrenso the Carver, 1997

Photo by Huan Hosei (or is it Francis?)
Monkeymen (19430 bytes)
Two of Lawrenso's most recent creations; photographed against an old Tobi mat at Ifari Haparim, Hawaii
Photograph by Barbara W. Black, January 2000
Chief Marino in 1972
Tamol or Chief Marino on Tobi in 1972, rolling a cigarette.
Photograph by Peter W. Black

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