FOTIGraph Archive Page Five

Isauro Andrew & Peter Black at Pacific Arts Festival
Isauro Andrew & Peter Black with a traditional healer from the Solomon Islands during Koror's Pacific Arts Festival, July 2004
Photograph by Festival photographer
Huan Hosei at Belau Modekngei School
Huan Hosei & group at Belau Modekngei School, March 2005
Photograph provided by Huan Hosei

Vianney & Angel
Vianney Hosei & Angel Hangaripaii
Head Start Center, Madalaii, April 2005
Photograph by Marcus Hangaripaii

Tobi Island:  Landsat image
Tobi Island: a Landsat image
Image sent by Steve Tripp
Tobi Canoe Sailing
Justin Andrew's Tobi Canoe
Sailing off Saipan
Photograph provided by Justin Andrew
Huan Hosei & Students Fishing
Huan Hosei & students
Fishing off Ngermediu

Photograph provided by Huan Hosei
Isauro, Rosa, & Peter, 2005
Old friends visiting in Honolulu—
Isauro, Rosa, & Peter, 2005

Photograph by B.W. Black
Soty & Quentin
Soty & Quentin Patris
Echang, June 2006

Photograph by Peter Black

Sunrise at Malakal
Sunrise at Malakal, August 2006
Photograph by Barbara Black

Steve Glassman and his students Tobi 1968
Steve Glassman & his students,
Tobi 1968
Photograph by Jeff Boal

Updated: March 10, 2007