Fishing Lore of Tobi. Peter W. Black 1968, 2017

Day Fishing Method 19: Bwere
Nemesio, Matias, Esobio

Hook: Esobio #6a
Hook:  Hapi sehe
Nemesio #7a (shown) or #7b
Hook:  Haufong
Matias #2 Hook:  Ramatiho

8 inches wire; Matias—fiber

Line: Nemesio and Esobio--coconut fiber; Matias—medium cotton
Sinker: 5 pound rock
Bait: Tuna, flying fish, or Mor
Baited hook Fishing rig
Tie on stone so it will not come off. Let stone touch the reef.

Any place around the reef.
50-100 feet out from reef; Matias—about 60 feet; Esobio—30-40 feet.

Up to 60 fathoms line. Matias—10-35 fathoms; Esobio—20-40 fathoms.

Go early in the morning in April and May on any tide.

Catch: Farah [Matias and Esobio—no Farah!], Saha [Nemesio—no Saha], Bwere, Housih [Nemesio—no Housih], Yohong [Matias and Esobio—no Yohong!], Farepe [Nemesio—no Farepe], Mahahapo [Nemesio—no Mahahapo]

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Updated: January 19, 2017