Tobi Birds

See John Engbring's Avifauna of the Southwest Islands of Palau, (Atoll Research Bulletin No. 267, September 1983) for a wealth of information on birds of Tobi and Helen.

Tobian Name Common Name Scientific Name Comments Photographs
hataf great frigate bird fregata minor Justin Andrew confirmed this word, 2009.

Great Frigate Bird
Photograph: Animal Corner

hataf     babies Great Frigate Bird Babies
Photograph: Dr. Hays Cummins, Miami University
hataf: wahangareap   According to Justin Andrew, the Tobian word for this Great Frigate Bird is wahangareap. Great Frigate Bird
Photograph: Animal Corner
hiehi fairy tern Gygis alba Is this the same as hiheyar: white tern? Fairy terns

Photograph: Barbara W. Black, 2009

mouhech sooty tern Sterna fuscata  

Sooty terns

Sooty tern
Photograph: Robert Shallenberger


Updated: October 31, 2009